About us

Women2Win is a broad cross section of men and women from across the Conservative Party who came together in a recognition that the Party needs to change in order to win the trust and confidence of the British People. Our mission is to ensure the Conservatives fairly represent women at all levels of the party.

Women2Win was founded in 2005 by Baroness Jenkin of Kennington and Theresa May, to support David Cameron’s commitment to select more women to fight winnable seats and elect more Conservative women to Parliament.

In 2005 there were just 17 Conservative women MPs, representing only 9% of the parliamentary party. Now, after ten years and two elections there are 68 Conservative women MPs, which is over 20%. Women2win aims to continue increasing the number of Conservative women MPs by providing support, advice and training to women who wish to enter Parliament or get more involved in politics. We also assist high calibre women seeking public appointments or positions as Councillors, Association Chairs and Police and Crime Commissioners.

Women2Win is campaigning to promote more of the brightest and best women the party has to offer and further convince Conservative associations of the benefits of putting their trust in female candidates. We believe that if the gender balance of candidates reflects that of modern Britain, the Conservative Party’s electoral support will increase; by making a concerted effort to bring about gender equality, the electorate will recognise the positive efforts being made and this will be reflected in their vote.

It has been 40 years since a woman became leader of the Conservative Party and went on to run the country. Since 2015, the green benches of Westminster have been filled by more women than ever before - but Women2Win recognises that this is not yet enough if we are going to keep the pace of change.

We agree with David Cameron when he said that more needs to be done to tackle the lack of female representation in Parliament. That is why we are determined to make that change a reality. Britain needs a modern and rejuvenated Conservative Party, made up of the most talented and able women and men the Party has to offer – because of this, the Conservative Party needs Women2Win.

Women2Win 10th Anniversary Video: