Ann Steward Selected

Ann Steward, who is currently a Breckland District councillor and lives in Hilborough near Swaffham, was chosen as the PPC to fight Norman Lamb's seat of North Norfolk.

Mr Lamb has held the Liberal Democrat strong-hold for the past three elections, meaning the newest Conservative candidate has a tough challenge ahead to unseat the north Norfolk favourite. Mrs Steward, who has lived in Norfolk from the age of three, said she is confident of having a chance.

She said: “There has been some strong messages and I will be talking to all the electorate. It is important that I meet as many people as possible. I have got the time to be out there and we will be working very closely as an association together.”

Mrs Steward said she would concentrate on spreading the Conservative’s message rather than looking over her shoulder.

She said: “I will be out in the streets putting in the leg work and I am here for the long term.”