Baroness Jenkin's tribute to Jo Cox MP

“I didn't know Jo very well, but of course I had every expectation and hope that I would get to know her better and work more closely with her in the months and years ahead. She came to see me some three years ago as Chair of the Labour Women’s Network to talk about an idea she had for a women’s think tank. We discussed what that might look like, but we roamed onto other issues - international development, women in parliament, and other passions. I assumed that with her charm and energy that think tank would go ahead, but it wasn’t to be; some few months later she was selected and then elected, and the think tank was put on the back burner - perhaps that ought to be something we should ponder again.

“She came to me a year ago with a friend; she brought that friend, who was a Conservative, who wanted to be a woman member of parliament. Not all members of other parties are so generous as to share their friends with other parties; indeed, a living embodiment of, as she says, that we have far more in common than divides us.

“My Lords, initially I was concerned that this terrible tragic death would put women off coming forward. But now I wonder whether it is the case that, I hope, perhaps that her passion, her inspiration, her compassion, will in fact encourage women who’ve got what it takes, the resilience, to do so...there could be no better tribute to her if they did.”

Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, Co-Chair Women2Win, in the House of Lords 20th June 2016


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Anne Jenkin speaks to Women's Parliamentary Radio about Jo Cox (starts 10:16)

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