Kelly Tolhurst Selected for Rochester and Strood

Congratulations Kelly Tolhurst the PPC for Rochester and Strood

Kelly has lived and worked in the area all her life, and currently runs her own small business in Rochester. She has represented Rochester West as a Member of Medway Council since 2011.

Kelly said “I’m proud of my hometown and have a six-point plan to secure a better future for Rochester and Strood – real action on immigration; safer streets; housing development that works for us; the new jobs and infrastructure our community needs; better local schools; and a commitment to get Medway Hospital out of Special Measures as soon as possible.

If I’m elected I will be part of the Government's team – not a lone voice who won’t be able to achieve anything. And I’m absolutely determined to use that influence within government to fight for action Rochester and Strood, and to stand up for you and your families' interests.

I'll have six months to deliver before you get the chance to vote again. Then you can judge me on the results. So support me, a strong local voice, at the by-election on Thursday 20 November – and let’s secure a better future for Rochester & Strood together.”

Please join us in supporting Kelly in the lead up to the 20th of November