Theo Clarke Selected

Theodora Clarke was picked by local party members to be the new Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Bristol East. 

Theo said: "The people of Bristol East deserve an MP who fights for their concerns and stands up for their community.

If you vote for me, that’s the MP I will be. I studied in Bristol and I set up my business here. I understand the issues that concern you because they also concern me. I will be a strong voice for the local community and will work hard to deliver the best deal for the people of Bristol East. 

I have had a life outside of politics.  I’ve started and grown my own small business, so I understand the concerns of businesses and the crucial role they play in our economy.
That’s why I am arranging a Jobs Fair to bring young people and businesses together – to expand the opportunities for young people to get on in life.
So if you want an MP who will get things done for our constituency, please vote for me at the next election."