The Woman Who Won: Charles Moore on Margaret Thatcher

Charles Moore, official biographer to Margaret Thatcher and former editor of the Spectator and the Telegraph, gave a fascinating lecture to Women2Win on Tuesday 12th July, in association with Policy Exchange.

Charles spoke in detail about Lady Thatcher's mindset and thinking, and how she overcame problems. He discussed her handling of the media, men, and the EEC, as well as her attitudes towards power and the issues she cared about.

Without making comparisons between the two women Prime Ministers, Charles noted that it was interesting how Thatcher was the 'challenger' candidate, whereas May was the 'establishment' candidate. This signals the normality of women reaching the top, and the lack of barriers as perhaps there were in Thatcher's time.

Business Club members were then invited to an exclusive dinner with Lord Stephen Sherbourne, Margaret Thatcher's political secretary, where further discussions were had about what lessons we can learn from her premiership, and the future of women in power.

 Women2Win are incredibly grateful to Charles and Stephen for their support, and to everyone who joined us for a fantastic evening. If you are interested in joining the Business Club, get in touch with